In 1882, an induction motor with a wrapped rotor was invented by Nikola Tesla in France . The induction motor with a cage was invented by Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky about a year later in Europe. Technological development in the field has improved to such a great extent that a 100 hp (73.6 kW) motor volume in the year 1976 takes the same volume that a 7.5 hp (5.5 kW) motor took in the year1897. Currently, the most common induction motor is the cage rotor motor.

The most critical part that followed the motor was the starting device for the motor. We will see the reason for the same, in the due course in the various sections of this website.

The starting current was always the prime concern while designing the starter for fixed speed application motors. The initial solutions were:

  • 1. Direct on line starter
  • 2. Autotransformer starter
  • 3. Star Delta starter
  • 4. Stator Resistance starter
  • 5. fully automatic star delta starter

But there was always some thing amiss in these starters.

In 1978, Jayashree first introduced the practical solution commercially in India and a better substitute to the starters mentioned above, which is now available in the market and is technically called as 'series reactor starter' or 'series reactor soft starter'