August 2010 --
Special test gadgets designed for in-house testing [Test Bench] for Soft Starters.

July 2010--
Special Soft starters commissioned for blower application with highest (so far) starting time (120sec) for 5 MW Machine.

June 2010--
Next version of CTMR (Current & Temperature Monitoring Relay) Released, with special continues current monitoring for HFSR and Motor over current protection.

April 2010--
Maximum soft starters manufactured in one month (300+) to match the delivery schedule for a prestigious project.

March 2010--
JEPL Enjoyed this year as the year HFSR with maximum sales and the acceptance of technical superiority of air core technology all over India.

February 2010--
Many other Soft Starter manufacturers are taking lessons from JEPL and we can see them opting for air core technology, we doubt the ability of them for designing the special Harmonic Filter Layer.

January 2010--
Highly efficient motor soft starting for 1.8 MW 11kV achieved with starting current of system to be restricted to 1.5 * FLC of motor. It is proved that only air core reactors can work well with Dynamic Compensator.

December 2009--
Design and Manufacturing Capacity of air core base soft starters as per IS(5553)(Part 3) up to 25 MW and the few samples are tested with CPRI.

July 2009

Jayashree Make HFSR soft starters are installed at Haji Ali Pumping Station for Storm Water Pumping Project, Mumbai. HFSR is the only Soft Starter technology which could start the pumps with current less than 2.7 X FLC of the motor exactly as per the calculations of current/time and torque.

Jayashree Soft starters were the 1st to prove the performance as per the calculations and to meet the demand of the project.

Many other competitors including the so called FCMA brand had given outrageous calculations and project cost to deliver the result, but Unity Infraprojects Ltd. realized the technical strength and the advantages of HFSR technology and showed the faith in Jayashree to prove the performance,

With complete support of Unity Infra, and BMC officials, it is proved that HFSR is indeed is a better technology.

April 09

The year 2008-2009 reflects the success story of HFSR technology. HFSR showed the maximum share in the balance sheet of its sale for Jayashree. HFSR stands as the most technically standard product designed and manufactured strictly as per IS/IEC standards

January 2009

A reputed overseas automobile manufacturing plant opted for Jayashree make HFSR technology based motor starting station for its 1 MW 6.6 KV motors for tool room, where Jayashree designed the complete start station which included [dynamic compensator, power factor controller, fuses, protections, isolator, start & bypass mechanism] and reduced the complete system cost to practically half!

August 2008

It's an era of Technical people. Jayashree is experiencing the reflections of the same! People in the field have started realizing the advantages of HFSR and the air core technology. We are happy to note that smart group of people have started replacing the old iron core reactor technology with the new HFSR technology with the complete electronic control !

April 2008

Jayashree is going big way with HFSR!

Recently Jayashree purchased its 5Th factory and dedicated the same for only HFSR!! We are growing, and we are all set to deliver the technically superior product and technology to the Indian industry and government projects, and we seek your support for the same!!